The story of UNITE: N is for Nurture

In our last blog we introduced you to the first letter of UNITE and what it means to us. This time we’ll dive deeper into the meaning of the letter N from Nurture. In short, nurture to us is supporting and encouraging others. Not only within our own team, but other partners as well. Read along to learn how we implement this in our business.


Nurturing is about responsibility

Nurture for us is the highest form of responsibility towards each other. Every company has processes, and so does MPC. We understand it is never just one person that is responsible for the whole process. Everybody is responsible for their part and is responsible for giving the next person in the chain a perfect result. When you care about your own part of the show, you actually care about the next part also. I explain this in more detail in our Webinar On Demand on the UNITE vision.

You nurture and support others by doing your part very well. Open discussions on how we can do better for each other are an important accelerator for efficiency towards our suppliers and customers. Looking at the individual needs of your colleagues, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders gives continuous food for thought. Helping each other to identify these needs, helps you and us to shape a better future.

I see it as MPC’s duty to try and let its people grow… When the people grow, the company will grow with them.



How we use Nurture in our business process

In the very beginning our products were packed per 10. About 25 years ago we changed that to a more industrial standard of packing per 50 or 100 pieces, depending on the product. Then, about 10 years ago, our sales crew asked for a more commercial packaging… like 10 pieces in a box or bag. Being brainwashed by our own history, we were not very keen on the “per 10 pcs”-concept, until it became clear WHY our salespeople were asking for this.

The bigger reason was this: our revenue back then, as it still is today, was about 50% OEM partners and 50% reseller partners. This particular question was to take away the burdens for our reseller partners. Some of our resellers have industrial stores. They buy MPC product and then repack in their own branded boxes or bags, for the simple reason it was commercially more attractive than industrial packaging.

Our salespeople wanted to offer this as a service to these customers and in the same instance take away the burden of re-packing for our partners. This is the very essence of the Nurture-core value, making things easier for our reseller partners. To help them is to help ourselves, a clear win-win situation.

Based on this we took it even further: not only do we have a packaging robot which helps us with our customers request of packing per piece, 2 pieces or any quantity desired, we also do this in the customers boxes or labeled bags.

Even though the Nurture-value is leading in this project, we also needed the open uniting discussions with our partners to get all the details right. We needed to get innovative as in co-developing a “flexible quantity” robot. We transferred knowledge both ways with our partners as lots of boxes needed to be ticked with commercial packaging issues. And because of all this we can excel in un-burdening our reseller partners.

Nowadays about 25% of our revenue is pre-packed (no more re-packed) for our resellers, which also means shorter process times (production to shop), avoiding double packaging materials and happy resellers.



The example with pre-packaging products for our resellers shows that nurturing is about unburdening others involved in your work process. Your co-workers, your customer and your supplier. We experienced that if we do this, it benefits everyone in a big way.

In our next blog we move to the third letter of our vision, the I of Innovate. Innovation is a challenge at many companies. By making it part of our DNA we are able to innovate in more than one way.

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