The story of UNITE: it starts with U

Unite, connect, bringing together, that is what we do at MPC. In the UNITE vision every letter has its own, deeper meaning. This blog is the first of a series in which we take you along on our UNITE journey. In every blog we discuss one of the UNITE letters and share with you how we apply it in our business. The first letter is of course, U.


Uniting is knowing each other

The U of UNITE stands for, as you might have guessed, unite. Uniting for us at MPC is knowing each other. Not only your co-workers (or co-builders, as we like to call them), but also all of our other business relations. Why would a business relation be any different from a relation with friends?

We do realize we operate in a business environment and business environments can be hard, and sometimes even harsh. But we prefer to operate in an atmosphere of true partnerships. An atmosphere of positive cooperation and trust brings you further. In true partnerships you help each other grow, you try to understand the needs of your partner, whether you are our raw material supplier or our loyal customer. Helping each other creates winning environments for all of us.


The human approach to doing business

To unite is also to understand that we do not do business with companies, but with the people working at those companies. Uniting with people means we can co-create our common future. The success of mankind over time is hugely supported by our ability to work together in complex social structures. Uniting supports that thought exactly.

We feel that the atmosphere of trust we build within our team and with you as our customer is priceless. Because we have customers from so many different countries and cultures this personal interest makes our service better. It helps us understand how operations at your company work. It is our human approach to doing business.


Refreshing transparancy

Larger companies like Triumph motorcycles find it utterly refreshing that we have an open transparent relationship. We do understand that we have a business relationship, which means we need to get past the price barrier in relation to the quality we deliver. It simply means we need to be competitive, which is pure logic to me. But once price and quality have been approved for their bikes it is critical for us that everyone in this relationship understands it is about people. We do not talk about B2B, but about P2P (people to people).

When Triumph’s people passed by for an audit end of last year,  they were particularly interested in our quality assurance procedures and engineering processes. Apart from the fact that we like to make people feel at home through a high form of hospitality, we also make sure they get access to every bit of information that can help them with the audit.

During the first few minutes it became clear that they were not used to this kind of openness and transparency. They politely asked whether it was permitted to take pictures of our lab equipment, which of course was granted without a problem. The same with our test procedures and process information at engineering.


Why we work with UNITE

We do not want to shield anything for the simple reason we can learn from the exercise also.

The Triumph audit was an excellent uniting experience where all the boxes were ticked. The human factor created open and constructive discussions, the nurturing effect became visible through hospitality on one hand and 100% transparency on the other hand, the innovative side of our lab and engineering processes were much appreciated, certainly because we shared everything there is to know, including why we are doing the things the way we do. And as a result of all the above we excelled. When Triumph’s people left, they told us that they would partly adapt their own processes based on what they have learned that day during the audit. We influenced each other’s future in a positive way. To me, nothing can top that!



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