The story of UNITE: Excel to stay ahead of the game

Excel, the subject of our last blog in the blog series about the story of UNITE. We hope you enjoyed the other blogs on Unite, Nurture, Innovate and Transfer knowledge. This last word brings the other four subjects together and strengthens them.


To us Excel is about becoming a master in your role and field of responsibilities. Becoming a master supports all previous core values. It creates credibility for yourself and for the company and challenges you to get the best out of who you are. MPC not only wants its co-builders to be a master in their field of expertise but will also help you to obtain mastery. We do this by offering training about our products, and sharing things about our culture and method. We hope this helps you get the most out of our products and in return make your company excel.




Our lead engineer Martin

When Martin, currently our lead engineer, joined the company in 1994, it was for a sales job. Already during the first months of his employment, he developed a keen interest for the technical side of things. Clamps, believe it or not, are on a number of applications. From light to heavy duty, from bicycles to complicated high tech applications, like ASML’s computer chip producing machines or the international space station. Clamps are literally everywhere.


It was also 1994 when we started up production of our accumulator clamp line. We started our own production because, from our point of view, the market asked for a better product than what was available at the time.


Martin trained himself to 2D draw, soon thereafter 3D. MPC invested in his capabilities and Martin invested in himself. He works with Inventor software, but he also became the inventor himself. Adapting clamp structures to better suit our customers wishes, creating new clamps from scratch, helping our sales people and our customers to get the best possible solutions for numerous applications.


How this relates to the UNITES vision? Simple! Those who have already met Martin know how he is always trying to lend the helping hand in an open and often humoristic way. The nurture effect for him is to create the best possible solutions for our customers. Innovation is what he does on a daily basis. Based on his clamp passion, he is transferring knowledge to our customers on a continuous base to serve the customer, MPC and his passion for technics. With experiences build up since 1994 he excels in what he does.



Excel in a growing culture

Martin’s story is only one of the stories which shows how you can excel in what you do. We are proud to have more of these success stories in our team and we hope to be able to contribute to the same story for other relations.


To excel in a growing culture means you are supporting success with everything you’ve got. To be on top of the world is a great feeling to have. But it also makes you aware you’ll have to grow to stay on top of the world.


Everything in our lives evolves and this is no different with what we do as a company. To excel is to stay ahead of the game, to be part of the evolution itself. Creating the future instead of catching up with it.

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