How our ESA and ES accumulator clamps offer 100% safety

In areas such as at sea or in deserts where the weather has extreme characteristics corrosion resistance in clamping is a key element. Accumulator clamps that are often used on wind turbines are no exception to this. And because wind turbines are often built in these regions we thought about a fitting solution to this problem.


First, a question. Look at the picture below. These clamps are both accumulator clamps. But can you tell the difference? Think about it for a second, and look closely at the clamp.




Can you spot it? Well, let us give you the answer anyway. The classic design of accumulator clamps views the console and clamp as separate parts. The clamp is designed to hold the object to be clamped and because it also needs to be fixed to the machine the console is welded to the clamp at the bottom. This type of accumulator clamp is the one on the left of the picture above. Through corrosion or high vibration levels in machinery spot welds can break, resulting in the clamp still holding the item, but no longer being attached to the machine.


With our ESA and AS clamps the clamp and console are one. As you can see at the clamp on the right of the image above, the console connects to the top part of the clamp with the bolts. The bottom part of the clamp is connected to the console. If the spot weld would break due to corrosion or high vibration levels, the item would still be attached to the machine, even though the bottom part spot welds might no longer be intact. This simple change in the structure of the accumulator clamp ensures 100% safety when the clamp is mounted correctly to the wind turbine or other machine.


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