News Views: Go Like The Wind

June 2020 must have been an exciting month in the Vestas newsroom, and I am sure, equally in the board room.


Vestas will deliver turbines for 226MW in Russia, 50 MW in China, another 50 MW in China, 36 MW in Poland, 1,140 MW in the UK, another 35 MW in Poland, 336 MW in the USA, 48 MW in Vietnam, 18 MW in Italy, another 249 MW in the USA, 28 MW in Germany, 322 MW in the Netherlands, another 84 MW in Vietnam.


And then on the last day of the month it secured 76 MW in Japan, 43 MW in Germany, 40 MW in China, 210 MW in Australia, 49 MW in Italy, 36 MW in the Netherlands, 32 MW in France, another 42 MW in France, 151 MW in Canada and 278 MW in the USA. (1)


A grand finale indeed.


In June only this adds up to a staggering 3579 MW. Vestas has installed a total of 115,089 MW with 72,142 wind turbines over the years. (2)

The wind blows across the globe... and so does Vestas.


Vestas is of course one the world’s giants in wind power, just like Siemens Gamesa, Goldwind, GE and Envision among others.


But does it really go that fast… in other words, is the transition to wind power going that fast?


Governments and other investors seem to believe strongly in wind power. Double digit growth in installed wind power (19% from 2019 vs. 2018), totaling capacity now at 651 GW globally, which is 10% more than in 2018.


China alone adds 20 GW yearly and currently represents 43%  of the world’s total wind energy with Europe and USA following closely.


An almost consistent growth rate of 10% over the last couple of years, year on year, proves the eagerness of the global community to go sustainable.

Expected is that over the next decade 689 GW will be installed, which brings the total capacity on 1160 GW by 2030. (3)


Covid-19 might represent a dip in activity in the short term, but the longer-term vision is still that wind power is a vibrant fast growing sector. Covid-19 and the various measures the governments took (lockdowns, working from home, etc.) also has shown a downfall in CO2 output.


Faster and more sustainable energy can have the same effect.


Right now about 5% of the global electricity demand is generated by wind.

If 651 GW is only 5% of the global demand (13,000 GW) it seems that the sector will have its challenges, but at the same time great outlooks for consistent growth for decades to come.


To turn back to my original question: is the transition to wind power going that fast?


Well no, not really… because the above tells us that the wind-part of electricity will be a little under 10% of global demand in 2030, when that demand stays the same.


This is a market with a need for fast innovations. I am sure they will exceed predictions and forecasts in order to step up the pace. Wind energy is getting more and more competitive, which will help the turbine manufacturers to grow faster than expected.


These thoughts and views, together with a keen interest to help sustainable markets with our products makes us follow these markets closely. A firm focus on sustainability will not only help reduce CO2 output but will also create a sustainable growth pattern for MPC.


The winds of change are starting to blow… faster!









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