How MPC adapts to the Brexit changes

Brexit has triggered a lot of response over the years leading up to the decision. Definitive clarity on trade agreements will only come close to the end of this year, when there is no time left to make impactful changes without feeling the effects. Planning for Brexit is necessary and cannot wait until the last moment. Now that the real and definitive Brexit is coming closer companies are showing how they have adapted, or not.


How companies adapt to Brexit

Since the chances are very slim that the freedoms of the current situation will continue after Brexit has been finalized, companies have been struggling with the consequences this might have for them. Several UK fashion brands are doing good business in European countries. However, with the definitive Brexit coming closer this will most likely become much more expensive. Custom duties may apply, which makes it likely that EU customers will switch from their UK brand to other EU member state brands. Other big players have already announced that they have decided or are considering relocating offices to other (European) countries. Vodafone and Visa are known examples. Investments by companies like Siemens into wind turbines have been delayed as the company wants to rethink their approach. Elon Musk known from Tesla has decided to build their new factory in Germany instead of the UK. All big companies that provide jobs for thousands of people deciding to move as a response to Brexit.



How MPC adapts to Brexit

We have been present with our office in the UK for many years. Because we want to be able to keep offering our British customers the same level of service as before we are also making some changes. The most important change is the opening of our distribution center location in Alcester (West midlands). This allows us to keep certain popular products in stock locally, so the delivery times will not increase due to orders being stuck at customs for long times. But opening our distribution center in the UK has more benefits. We are now also able to serve not only larger customers, but also SME’s with more modest order quantities because the shipping costs will be lower. This way, the Brexit really means better service from MPC than you have experienced before!

We hope to be serving our UK customers soon from our newly opened distribution center.

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